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Hey! I'm Tom, a music composer, sound designer and audio engineer..

I like to combine sounds and music in some pretty cool and weird ways, and have an unhealthy addiction to exploring every genre and style of noise making I can find, sometimes with mixed results, but hey! Every experiment is a chance to discover new ways to create sounds, and more often than not I come out with something completely unique and unexpected.

With a MMus in Music Technology from Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, I'd like to think I'm more than qualified to provide all the necessary noises that people might need in their projects. I've written 100's of tracks, some made at home on a laptop on my kitchen bench, and others performed by an 80 piece folk orchestra in the EU Parliment. I've made bespoke sound libraries for people, interactive sound systems, original virtual instruments and much more!

Long story short... I know what I'm doing.

Have things that could be better

with a bit more noise?

Reach out for a chat!

Call at +44 7821291584,

or email at

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